About Us

Care 4 Your Own is a company built to inspire growth and maturity among adolescents through books, cartoons, music, autism awareness, clothing, games, apps, and so much more! “Believe You Can Do It” are not just hollow words, they are embedded in the fabric of this company. The path to growth and maturity in each individual is different and that truth for each person should be embraced as differences shape what makes us unique as humans. The importance of living lies not in comparing yourself to others but in the improvement of self so that you can move further along the path to growth and maturity. Here at Care 4 Your Own we believe in the total empowerment of the individual and supporting them to reach goals once thought to be out of reach. The great Nelson Mandela once said “The greatest glory in living, lies in never failing but in rising every time we fall.” That right there makes all the difference! Why you may say? It’s a simple concept, knowing is half of the battle and knowing comes from self-confidence which is an attribute we aim to hone at Care 4 Your Own through our program offerings. It is our hope that this website serves as an open door for anyone who has ever had a dream. We are here to tell you that your dreams matter and are all possible through perseverance, growth, and overall caring for our own. Enjoy the website everyone and feel the power of positivity as we grow together and always remember … Care 4 Your Own World And Change It, Care 4 Your Own Tree And Watch It Grow!! Bless Everyone, Sincerely, Joseph Inigo Our World. Care 4 Your Own

Let’s Work & Play!

“Yes You Can “

What’s Important To Us:

  • Empowerment.

  • Building Autism Awareness.

  • Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs.

  • Positive Learning

  • Inspiring Education.