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Tree Of Growth And Maturity

This Tree was made because not everyone was raised by their parents. A lot of people were raised by their grandmother, an aunt, an uncle, a friend of the family, a guardian,

a after school program, our schools, library’s, and youth organizations, are all a part of our roots now.

 So you see our roots have changed in life, our roots are the people who raised us, the people who taught us right from wrong, and the ones who love us. If your parents have been there to raise you, those are your roots but don’t forget about the other roots to your tree that is your family, friends, schools, libraries, and youth centers and the people who teach and love you.

It’s always good to know where you came from but this tree now concentrate’s on you, “the individual”!  “You Are The Tree Now”

And you will grow as your own tree and work learning and building careers and having ideas that can change your life for the better or worse. Good and bad fruit, it’s all up to you. Believe in yourself and use this tree as a guide through life. A road map through growth and maturity. “Write Your Own Story” and don’t ever listen or believe anyone who tells you, you can’t do it, “Yes You Can”!!! Always believe in yourself. Believing in yourself makes all the difference.

“The Care 4 Your Own Tree Motto”

Care 4 Your Own And Change It,
Care 4 Your Own And Watch It Grow!!!

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