Care 4 Your Own

Moving Djembe

Moving –  Moving is always on the go, and always into something. He’s like “Something” from the country but in the city, so he moves real fast, always hyper and energetic. He’s a good hearted kid who does things from the heart and always believes in good even when things are bad. He also does lose his cool at times and has a bad temper.

From Brooklyn where you have to be real fast to keep up with everything. That’s why he chose “Moving” to be his name, he is living in a place where nothing it seems stops. All day, all night, things are moving and happening. So he decided he is going to be moving right along with it, just as fast maybe even faster. Catch up if you can, I’d be moving right pass you, he loves to say.

Flat Note – Lime Green – Djembe

  • Fast

  • Quick Thinker

  • Peace Maker

  • Loves History

  • Always Got Headphones On

  • Doesn’t Like Dancing / But He Can