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    Always Guitar Product (Adult)

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    Always – He is always angry and upset about something but Care is always there or in the vicinity to calm him down and help him channel his anger through music, a guitar.
    • Cooks Really Good
    • Strong Willed
    • Good With Hands
    • Really Good At Math
    • Like’s to Sing Also
    • Very Anxious
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    Care Mic (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Care – He is a good hearted kid who stands up to bullies for kids and pushes them to go the right way and do the right thing. Just like a lot of kids he’s big hearted and stops intimidating but always pushes people to be or they can be and uses “Yes You Can”(Y.Y.C) to encourage kids.
    • Physically Strong
    • Gardener
    • Carpenter – build things with hands
    • Stubborn
    • Very Giving Person
    • Shy With Girls
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    Moving Djembe Product (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Moving – Moving is always on the go, and always into something. He’s like “Something” from the country but in the city, so he moves real fast, always hyper and energetic. He’s a good hearted kid who does things from the heart and always believes in good even when things are bad. He also does lose his cool at times and has a bad temper.
    • Fast
    • Quick Thinker
    • Peace Maker
    • Loves History
    • Always Got Headphones On
    • Doesn’t Like Dancing / But He Can
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    Whistle Brown (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Whistle – Was abandoned as a pup where “Music” found him behind some garbage cans so little and small you couldn’t even tell what he was except for his spots that gave him away.
    • Premium Cotton Jersey Construction
    • Plays Whistle
    • Barks Really Fast And Loud
    • Very Fast
    • Good Watch Dog
    • Gets Depressed At Times
    • Gets Scared When You Leave Him Alone
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    Casper Blue Tambourine Product (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Casper – Is Jennybug’s Mother’s bird but majority of the time is with Jennybug because she takes care of him. He mimics things that he hears. Doesn’t like to be yelled at, loves crackers, seeds, fruits and veggies. He’s very smart also.
    • Dances
    • Likes Toys
    • Likes Looking At Himself In The Mirror
    • Plays Tambourine
    • Funny
    • Play Acts
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    Magic Violin Product (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Magic – Is a kid who is autistic. Just like every kid is unique, magic is different but the same as every other kid – shy and scared at times of others but can still interact at times with others with whom he feels comfortable. He can be very smart at times and even genius at other times.
    • Humorous
    • Funny
    • Loves Music And Dancing
    • Heightened Senses
    • Antisocial Most Of The Time
    • Looses It Sometimes
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    Something Piano Product (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Something – Always into something, he is a good hearted kid who always looks at the good in the worst situations, and takes the good out of the bad but has a really fierce temper.
      Good Outdoorsmen
    • Ride’s A Bike’s Good
    • Knows How To Start A Fire With Wood
    • Good Eye Sight
    • Scared Of Snakes
    • Wears Boots As Much As Possible
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    JennyBug Saxophone Product (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Lives in Brooklyn with her mother and father who are of different ethnicity. Her Mother is Caucasian and her father is Hispanic. Very understanding her parents are she loves them and cherishes them and thanks god everyday for them and helps her mother by taking care of her bird for her to show her appreciation.
    • Reads Very Fast
    • Very Outspoken
    • Practices Yoga
    • Health Conscious
    • Gets Lost In Day Dreams
    • Mind Races A lot
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    Fresh Turntables Product (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Living in Brooklyn, he migrated from Asia when he was just a new born. He grew up living the city life and embraces his culture with open arms and wanting to be a icon for his people. He is a part of Care 4 Your Own because he feels to care 4 not only your own people but the world is his tai chi, his power.
    • Computers
    • Getting People To Listen To Music / Promoter
    • Speaks Two Languages
    • People Person
    • Scared Of Spiders And Insects
    • Very Smart
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    Music Mic (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99 Incl sales tax
    Music is a part of Team Music and has lived in North Carolina all his life. He has a dog name “Whistle” he loves and takes care of and take’s him everywhere with him but school. He lives with his mother and takes on all the responsibilities even though he barely has time for himself but he makes it work.
      • Politician – very good with words
      • Good Hearted
      • Good At Sports
      • Runs Really Fast
      • Soft Hearted
      • Runs Out Of Breath Fast
      • Fast Metabolism
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    Tuff Drums (Adults)

    $24.99 $19.99
    He is Olivia‘s little brother and stays getting scolded by his sister for being late or just anything she can think of. He loves basketball and has dreams of going professional. Being so young his grandmother is not able to keep up with him so his sister does. Even though his name is Tuff, he is totally against violence and very playful.She is the oldest of all the kids, and has been through a lot in life where she had to take on the mother role for herself and her little brother, Tuff. Very intuitive and it seems Like she knows what you’re going to do before you do it.
    • He Loves All Sports
    • Swimmer
    • Good With Hands
    • Has Blurry Vision – needs glasses
    • Works Hard
    • Funny
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    She is the oldest of all the kids, and has been through a lot in life where she had to take on the mother role for herself and her little brother, Tuff. Very intuitive and it seems Like she knows what you’re going to do before you do it.
    • Always On Time
    • Dances Egyptian
    • Very Strong Mentally
    • To Strong With Others At Times
    • Falls Asleep Fast
    • Real Sweet
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    • Gain Strength
    • Become Fearless
    • Become Strong Mentally
    • Good Hip Hop & Music Makes You Dance
    • Learns Very Fast
    • Learn Your Unique Super Human Power and Become A Super Hero