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    A story of two  different groups of kids, one from the country North Carolina named; “Team Music”!!! The other from the city Brooklyn named; “Care 4 Your Own”!!! Who all meet at a state wide school talent show. One kid who is autistic struggles to conquer his fears by doing magic tricks in the talent show but gets scared and backs out of the show where he meets both groups of kids who helps him find his hidden talent, Music! Take a walk through the ups and downs, the good and the bad’s of kids from two different worlds who meet in the one world that unites people from all over no matter race or heritage, “The Music World”, where Music Becomes A Life!!!
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    Write Your Own Story

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    Write your own story is a game created to help kids and adults understand the good and bad’s of careers in life with creative thinking which in the real world can help you navigate through the roads and paths of life!!!

                                    How To Play

    The game starts off with the cleanly erased board and all apple points removed. The dry eraser marker should be easily available for writing on board.
    1. Each player writes on the board who raised them. Example: Parents, Grandmother, Family Friend, Guardian, etc.
    2. The player then picks a career from career sheet, and also writes it on board.
    3. On a separate piece of paper the player writes good and bad things they thing of about the career. 
    4. A red apple is placed on the left side for each good thing they come up with and a green apple on the right side for a bad thing. Ten minutes is recommended time allowed for this initial placement.
    5. Points - A point is earned for each apple now on the board. Write that number on board and circle it
    6. Try to come up with as many ideas that will make a bad thing about your  career good?Write these changes down and move those green apples to join the red apples on the left side of the board. 
    7. Points- For each of the moved green apples now add 2 points to your initial score.
    8. The player with the most post wins!!!
    9. Pick another career all over again and learn all about it by experiencing the career through creative learning!!!
    10. Game comes with:
      1. One Magnetic Board (works best on refrigerator)
      2. One Care 4 Your Own Tree Cover
      3.  Ten Red Apple Magnet Points
      4. Ten Green Apple Magnet Points
      5. Instruction sheet “How to Play”
      6. A list of 50 Careers to choose from or pick your own career if you don’t see it there and number it seeing who can also come up with more careers that aren’t on the list and grow your Career List!!!
      7. Thoughts and Wishes Pamphlet.
      8. Write Your Own Story coloring box.
    In completing this game you have now achieved your first step in becoming a Music Note Kid. A club devoted to empowering our youth to believe in themselves and opening their minds to the many opportunity out there in the world.   For Kids 5 and Up!!! “Warning” Choking hazard for kids under age, small pieces, “Warning”If No one has ever believed in you?! Let Us Tell You Here At Our World. Care 4 Your Own “We Believe In You” !!! Yes We Do!!! And “Yes You Can”!!!