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Care Mic (Adults)

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Care – He is a good hearted kid who stands up to bullies for kids and pushes them to go the right way and do the right thing. Just like a lot of kids he’s big hearted and stops intimidating but always pushes people to be or they can be and uses “Yes You Can”(Y.Y.C) to encourage kids.

  • Physically Strong
  • Gardener
  • Carpenter – build things with hands
  • Stubborn
  • Very Giving Person
  • Shy With Girls

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He was born and raised in Brooklyn and loves the big lights and bright colors of the city life but has a fascination with the country life and the plants and trees of the country.

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1 review for Care Mic (Adults)

  1. Beardman

    This T-shirt and what it stands for!. 5 stars.

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