Care 4 Your Own

Whistle Brown – Whistle

Whistle – Was abandoned as a pup where “Music” found him behind some garbage cans so little and small you couldn’t even tell what he was except for his spots that gave him away.

Learning how to hide this way as a pup he found a whistle that was in a small hole in the ground and with no one around to play with he started mimicking the crossing guard as they blew the whistle over and over. He learned and blows his own tune now. Especially when he is feeling down and things take him back to a time when he was a dumpster doggy.

Sixteenth Note Rest – Brown – Whistle

  • Plays Whistle

  • Barks Really Fast And Loud

  • Very Fast

  • Good Watch Dog

  • Gets Depressed At Times

  • Gets Scared When You Leave Him Alone